Indoor Navigation from Multiple Images

Finding the way

Final Thoughts


The project is now almost at it's completion and it's time for our final blog post.

In this post we present the final report for our project, which sums up the most important aspects of our solution for the indoor positioning system. In the report we also reflect ...

Grande Finale Presentation

If you happened to be unfortunate to miss our presentation at Grande Finale here is a recap of the presentation.

Transcript of the presentation

  1. Introduction to our group and research on indoor navigation from multiple images
  2. Case example
  3. The problem and challenges of indoor navigation
  4. Our solution and prototype
  5. Future ...

Our stand is now open

Eager visitors at our stand

Eager visitors at our stand

The grand finale is finally here!

If you want to test our interactive prototype or have any questions conserning our solution and/or business model, come visit us at our stand in Aalto Undergraduate Centre's (Otakaari 1) first floor. Our team will gladly provide ...

Analysis of the Teamwork

photo of the team

Team 3+4Dudes

This week’s group meeting was dedicated to two things: practicalities concerning tomorrow’s Grande Finale, and discussing our group dynamics and how we felt that our group has grown during these months.

First, however, a word about our group meetings that we have neglected to describe ...

Further Research on Indoor Positioning

geomagnetic map

Picture of unique map used in geomagnetic positioning

In a blog post written a few weeks ago we looked at competing techniques in the field of indoor positioning. In this post we will follow up on the analysis and present how our technology compares.

Recap on Comparison Results

Compared to ...

Invitation to Grand Finale at 2016-12-09


Click the image for 3D model

Our team warmly welcomes you to hear our presentation and further investigate our results about indoor navigation using point cloud from photos on december 9th. Presentations are held at Aalto University main building lobby in Otakaari 1.

During this fall our project group has ...

Refining the business model

This week the topic our of weekly meeting was refining the business model canvas and the monetization model.

Business model canvas

business model canvas

Monetization model

business model canvas

The monetization model consists of initial fixed cost and monthly maintenance and update fees. The initial cost varies case-by-case depending on the contract made with the customer ...

Creating the Prototype

Creating 3D models with VisualSFM

Creating a 3D model from images with VisualSFM consists of three steps. [VisualSFM]

1. Feature Detection & (Full) Pairwise Image Matching


Feature detection of the images finds similar features from each image in order to perform the pairwise image mathing. This operation determines where images are ...