Indoor Navigation from Multiple Images

Finding the way

Analysis of Presentation Video

The goal of this presentation was to give general idea of our oncoming prototype and the progress of the overall project. In general this goal was achieved and presentation got audience interested of our project and prototype. There were still many points left to improve in presentations to come.

Overall our presentation was focused on point and didn’t stray from topic. Also the speak was clear and loud enough to be followed easily. However we should have practiced more co-operation between speakers and the slide operator. This was most visible when speakers had to ask for slides or change them by themselves. Also the person speaking should stand out better from the rest of the group.

The start of presentation was energetic and went straight to the point so that our topic was crystal clear for everyone from the beginning. The flow was interrupted when the next speaker had to switch between programs to present our prototype. In next presentations we’ll avoid this issue by keeping the whole presentation in powerpoint and presenting prototype with images and videos. The presentation of prototype was also way too long compared to other parts of presentation, but it was clearly the most interesting part of this presentation. It was also good that we chose to present the test model from dumpster, which got excellent feedback from the audience.

After presenting the prototype and switching to market potential and next steps the first speaker didn’t have the same contact to the audience anymore. In the market research part it would have been good to give concrete numbers instead of saying that it has “huge” potential. Although the time limit was already exceeded at that point, the presentation was still intact and complete and wasn’t rushed through last parts. The ending of the presentation was also a bit flat when the speaker didn’t give any conclusion and went straight to the questions. It would have been better to gather the main points of the presentation together and thank the audience.

Despite many improvement areas, the presentation succeeded in its goals and it was followed by a long and interesting discussion with the audience. There was also clearly interest to trying our final prototype in Grand Finale, which was encouraging for the team.