Indoor Navigation from Multiple Images

Finding the way

Comparison Between Indoor Navigation Systems

image of comparison

There exits numerous competing methods for indoor navigation on the market, some more similar with out model than others. In this blog post these method are compared technically

WIFI Triangulation

WiFi-positioning systems are built on two things: the received signal strength of the device being positioned and the fingerprint of ...

Notes on SFM and Image Based Navigation Research

During our weekly meeting we decided to do some research on some already existing technologies (and those under constant development) for indoor localization, focusing on the work done by our supervising professor Antti Ylä-Jääski and his research ...

Project Plan



For outdoor use GPS (Global Positioning System) has established itself as a standard for locating objects and people. Unfortunately indoors the GPS does not often work and the accuracy is not enough for many applications. There are many alternative methods for indoor navigation that are based on different technologies ...

First Group Meeting

picture about first group meeting

We met at the CS building to discuss the first steps of our project. After an intesive photoshoot to capture our freely flowing creative process, we soon arrived at a satisfactory title for our party: 3+4Dudes. After some brief discussion about blog-keeping tools, we began talking about the scope ...

Week 1: Starting Up

Plans and Goals for the first week

  • Contacts
    • Meeting up with our contact professor
  • Project Branding
    • Creating a project blog
    • Name the project
    • Design a logo and icon
  • Project Managment
    • Planning the allocation of time
    • Keeping track of workhours
    • Flowchart of the project
  • Project
    • Defining the problem and how to ...