Indoor Navigation from Multiple Images

Finding the way

First Group Meeting

picture about first group meeting

We met at the CS building to discuss the first steps of our project. After an intesive photoshoot to capture our freely flowing creative process, we soon arrived at a satisfactory title for our party: 3+4Dudes. After some brief discussion about blog-keeping tools, we began talking about the scope of our project.

Despite our previous research finding that [LIDAR] is a superior tool compared to our [SFM] tools, one of our group with experience in a company working with SFM technique protested: the company was of the opinion that SFM offers a sufficient degree of detail while being a lot faster and cheaper.

Objects vs Structures


  • Inside vs outside
  • Navigation inside stores
  • Furniture positioning
  • Appartement showings virtually
  • Outside: architechture offices could hire a guy w/ drone to scout a location for a new building or expansion
  • Maastonkartoitus per√§kylille
  • UNESCO virtual archive


  • Take your belongings with you to the virtual world
  • Did not think of good application ideas
  • Human 3d-photography for officials and consumers